CDE established in 1965, one of the oldest still operating consultancy entities in Saudi Arabia, holders of license number 13 in the kingdom. It was the first Saudi engineering company to provide services to Aramco in 1971 and continued to do so under the GES contract without interruption to year 2000. The main strengths of CDE were Oil & Gas facilities engineering support with special strength in flow lines, control systems, off sites, utilities and general buildings.

CDE created another division called Tower Specialist Division in the year 2000 to serve and cater the fast growing telecommunication market.

In 2001 CDE merged its Oil & Gas business with AME (Abdulla Almoaibed Engineering) to form AMCDE which continued to provide GES services to Saudi Aramco and grew to be one of the top 3 local consultants with Saudi Aramco and with staff of around 500 people. Upon the creation of AMCDE, CDE’s main market became the communication sector and concentrated it efforts to growing its market share. AMCDE continued its business until December 2011, when its Oil & Gas service were spun off into a partnership with KBR, creating KBR-AMCDE. And now CDE is a major shareholder in KBR-AMCDE, which is serving Saudi Aramco and the Hydrocarbon market in Saudi Arabia and currently employs 600+ professionals and growing.

The following are the sister companies and affiliates of CDE:

  • KBR-AMCDE, engineering for the Hydrocarbon sector
  • Kinetic Energy KSA (KEKSA) manufacturers of pipe support systems
  • MODECO (Finishing Contractors)
  • Azmi Abdulhadi and Sons Holdings Co., Holding company for all the businesses and
         investments of Mr. Azmi Abdulhadi and his family
  • Abdulhadi and Almoaibed Co. Ltd. (AMCL), Holding company for the joint investments
        of Mr. Abdulhadi and Mr. Almoaibed in JVs for services to the Oil and Gas sector
  • SEAMA (Real Estate investment in Morocco)
  • Abdulhadi and Alhawas Consulting Engineering Co. (AHCEC)

Contact Information

Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz road,
Rakah Al-Khobar-Dammam Highway
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abdullatif Abdulhadi
Executive Director

P.O. Box: 3594, Al Khobar 31952
(+966) 3 8588877
(+966) 3 8588866